The Great Heartland Hauling Company

When I get home today I am hoping that my Kickstarter copy of The Great Heartland Hauling Company will be waiting in my mailbox.  During GenCon 2012 I was able to sit down and learn this game from the designer, Jason Kotarski.  Jason is a great guy that made an awesome game.  The Great Heartland Hauling Company was the first game I backed on Kickstarter.  The game uses a “pick up and deliver” mechanic in a very nice and simple package.  This game is accessible to gamers and non-gamers alike.  And the publishing company, Dice Hate Me Games, recently posted a video for how to play the game.  I am sharing that video with you:

How to play The Great Heartland Hauling Company, by Dice Hate Me Games

I really hope the game is there, stealthily waiting for me.  Filling up my mailbox.  Sitting next to the junk mail that goes straight to the trash.  This would be no trash.  There is no garbage can in the future for The Great Heartland Hauling Co.  This will go straight to the table.  And then afterward would find a nice cozy spot on the board game shelves, where it would soon make friends with all the other games in my possession.

UPDATE: For shame… my copy did not arrive today.


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