Scoville Print And Play Now Available!

Let the awesomeness be printed and played!

Let the awesomeness be printed and played!

For those interested I have posted Version 0.1 of Print and Play files for Scoville, including the Rules, onto Board Game Geek. You can follow this link to obtain them:

BoardGameGeek: Unpublished Prototype: Scoville Rules & PnP

If you decide to print it out and play it I’d be happy to answer any questions. Just leave a comment below! I’d also be VERY interested in hearing your feedback from your plays of the game. So let’s stay in touch and make this game as best as it can be!

You can also hit me up on Twitter (@EdPMarriott) if you have any questions.



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  1. Stoked about this one. Printing it out today and hope to get it to the table in the next week!

  2. Thanks Brian! I’d love to hear how it goes. Glad you’re stoked!

  3. Ed – really enjoyed my “learning game” last night… it was obviously tough to playtest the auction mechanic by myself šŸ™‚

    Wanted to learn it enough to teach it to my daughter this week. The rules are pretty intuitive already – maybe just need to note what to do with the player pawns at setup – that came easy enough in the harvest phase, but might be nice to have a bit earlier as well.

    In my two player test scenario, I was able to complete six of the recipes just a few turns into Stage II. (This was primarily due to the fact that all but one of my recipes were 10 peppers or less in difficulty). My brain was burning (in a good way), so I really REALLY enjoyed the game.

    Will provide more feedback in the coming week(s) as we get some more plays in.

  4. So where’s a good place to buy these multicolored cubes?

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