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Scoville Print & Play Version 3

Let the awesomeness be printed and played!

Let the awesomeness be printed and played!

Ladies and Gentlemen. I am pleased to announce the latest update to the Scoville Print and Play files!

You can find the files on Board Game Geek:

On that page you can also find Versions 1 and 2 of the PnP. In case you are interested, here are the things that have changed for Version 3:

  • The “Pay $6 to plant an extra pepper” rule has been removed.
  • Three new “Bonus Abilities have been added: +1 Move during Harvest, Plant one extra pepper, Double Back Once during Harvest
  • The recipes have been revised to be more balanced in terms of cube distribution.

That’s the current update. These changes have an interesting effect on the game play, but do not change the overall feel of the game. Bidding will likely be higher since coins can no longer be used to plant an extra pepper. The coins are now only for two things: bidding and end-game scoring.

I would love for you to test this new update. If you do, please let me know how it went! Thanks for checking out Scoville!

Scoville Print and Play Version 2

Let the awesomeness be printed and played!

Version 2 awesomeness now available!

I am pleased to announce that Version 2 of the Scoville Print and Play files are available for download at  Here is the link:

Scoville Print and Play Files

There are no major rules revisions to the game. The only clarification to the rules is that when selling peppers you must sell peppers from your own supply. Peppers in the fields are not for sale.

There are a few changes to the Print & Play files. The most notable change is that Gold has been dropped in favor of Silver. I’d like to thank Adam “A-Game” Buckingham for the suggestion. This was done for two reasons:

  1. Black + White blends to gray, not gold. So from a color perspective this is much less confusing.
  2. There is a much lower chance of confusing yellow with silver. These two colors are now more distinct.

The PnP files also have a few other revisions. These include:

  • Artwork for the Bonus Point Tiles for secondary peppers (green/orange/purple) has been adjusted to decrease confusion.
  • The Field has been slightly increased in size to better fit with the pepper tiles.
  • The pepper tile artwork has been changed to help with color blindness and for clarity.

Here’s a peek at the revised pepper tiles:

RevisedChitsActualBy adding the pepper image to each tile it will help with color blindness. Each pepper is a different shape. And by changing the artwork to include the green border it should help to clarify where the player pawns will actually be walking. I showed this image to my wife and she said she thinks the game would be better with these rather than the cubes. This was actually a suggestion of Brett Myers (@brettspiel) during Protospiel-Milwaukee, so I must give credit where credit is due!

As usual, if you have any questions about the PnP files or the rules, or the game in general, please feel free to leave a comment here on Boards & Barley or on the BGG download page. Or feel free to email me. And I’d love to hear what you think about the game!

Scoville Print And Play Now Available!

Let the awesomeness be printed and played!

Let the awesomeness be printed and played!

For those interested I have posted Version 0.1 of Print and Play files for Scoville, including the Rules, onto Board Game Geek. You can follow this link to obtain them:

BoardGameGeek: Unpublished Prototype: Scoville Rules & PnP

If you decide to print it out and play it I’d be happy to answer any questions. Just leave a comment below! I’d also be VERY interested in hearing your feedback from your plays of the game. So let’s stay in touch and make this game as best as it can be!

You can also hit me up on Twitter (@EdPMarriott) if you have any questions.


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