400th Twitter Follower Giveaway!

Can you win the awesomeness?

Back in March I hit the 200 follower plateau on Twitter. At the time I gave away a copy of Love Letter. This time around, since there are twice as many of you, I’m making the prize that much better! This time I’m going to give away a copy of Smash Up.

Why Smash Up? Because all you Twitter Followers are a smash up of awesomeness with people who write blogs, manage Ludological Portfolios (I’m looking at you, Brian!), design games, playtest games, love games, and even some of you who succumb to the desires of the barley!

Here’s how it works. All you have to do to qualify for the prize is this:

  1. Live in the US (Sorry international readers. Shipping is expensive)
  2. Tweet @ me (@EdPMarriott) your best made up smash up deck of beer or board game related factions. It’s doesn’t have to be both. Add #BnBSmashUp to your tweet.

In the game each player has a smash up of two different factions. So one player may be Wizard Ninjas while another player is Robot Dinosaurs. So tweet me your best smash up that’s related to beer and board games! The more creative and interesting, the better chance you have to win!

I’ll choose a winner tonight at 8pm Central. So make sure you have your tweet in before then!


UPDATE (8:30pm): The winner has been chosen! Congrats to Eric Leath of Games & Grub for the Smash Up deck that made me laugh and cringe at the same time:

And two honorable mentions go to J. Alex Kevern for his nice, rhyming Smash Up Deck and to Todd Edwards for this Specific Gravity Paralysis:

Unforunately only Eric wins the prize. Thanks to everyone who participated. I hope you enjoyed the giveaway contest. My next giveaway will be when I hit 600 followers. I’m hoping that giveaway will be a prototype of Scoville!


And just for fun I made my own base:

Not very playable, but it helps me celebrate 400+ awesome followers!

Not very playable, but it helps me celebrate 400+ awesome followers!


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