Monday Brews 2-24-14

Wow! The Kickstarter campaign is over and I can get back to life as normal. I may write an article about it in the next few days, but today we have the standard Monday Brews for you.

So let’s check out the Boards & Barley I enjoyed in the last week…

The Barley:

BARLEY SPOTLIGHT: Cave Creek Chili Beer

In order to celebrate the completion of the Scoville Kickstarter campaign I thought it would be fun to try a chili beer. There is a local store where I had seen one before so I stopped there on Friday. Thankfully they had one left. So at midnight when the campaign ended a few friends shared the bottle with me and we all sampled the chili beer. Here’s my review: yuck!

But at least we celebrated with an appropriate beer! Here are the other Barleys I enjoyed:

The Boards:

Scoville Farmer Meeple Awesomeness! Pink not included.

Scoville Farmer Meeple Awesomeness! Pink not included.

BOARDS SPOTLIGHT: Scoville (Again!)

After the campaign ended at midnight three of us played a game of Scoville. I struggled and fought all game long and didn’t seem to be doing too well. But in the end I did just well enough to win by 1 point!

It was a light gaming week. But those are four enjoyable games!

Designer’s Corner:

It’s time to put Brooklyn Bridge together. That’s all. I’ll let you know how that comes along.


So those are the Boards & Barley I enjoyed in the last week. What did you enjoy???


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