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Interview with Bellwether Games

Today is Friday so I should be posting a board game review, but instead I will provide something even more awesome.

About a month ago Bellwether Games (@BellwetherGames) tweeted that they were looking for aspiring game designers who wanted to be interviewed.  Since I am an aspiring game designer I figured I should see if I would be the right person for the interview. They took a look at my website (this website) and replied that I was in fact the right kind of person for the interview.

I might have done a little dance with my hands in the air at that point. Don’t worry, no other humans eyes were injured by watching me dance. I was alone.

So they sent me an email with a few starter questions and I got right to filling them out. After a few back and forths with follow up questions they told me that the interview would be posted at the end of the month. Well, today is the end of the month and right on time the interview has been posted!

Ed Marriott Designer Interview with Bellwether Games.

Let me know what you think!

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