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Gen Con 2016 Anticipation List

Wow… Gen Con is almost here! One of my favorite things each year is the anticipation of Gen Con and checking out the new games that will debut at Gen Con. There are two great lists that I used to build this article. They are:

On one hand I really like the preview list because it has a ton of games on it. On the other hand it is a disappointing list because like 150% of the list seems to be games that are only available for demos ahead of later release or a later Kickstarter. That’s why I prefer the second list because it has only the new games that people can actually buy at Gen Con. I can get excited about those games knowing I actually have a chance to take a copy home with me.


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Exciting New Games I Could Purchase

These are listed in order of their appearance on the list. The order I am listing them has nothing to do with my interest in the games.

Ticket to Ride: Rails & Sails – I love the idea of having both trains and ships on the board. I came up with this idea for the Days of Wonder contest in 2013 and told Alan R. Moon about it at BGG Con 2013. I’m pretty sure that’s where he got the idea 🙂 So of course I’m interested in this one.

Five Tribes: The Thieves of Naqala – I love Five Tribes and this is a no-brainer for me to purchase despite the lustful appearance of the prostitute thief on the cover.

Quartz – I love the artwork and the simple gameplay. I think my kids would like this one.

SeaFall – Our group will be purchasing this if we can snag a copy. We’ve loved Pandemic: Legacy and being able to play a storyline game in a sailing setting will be right up our alley.

Cry Havoc – This game is great. Grant Rodiek has worked his tail off on this one from way back in the day when I designed a “Battle for York” logo for him.

Terraforming Mars – This just looks awesome.

Covert – I played the prototype and loved it. I think this game will be a hit!

Order of the Gilded Compass – A rework of Alea Iacta Est with some improvements means I’m definitely interested in this. Plus, the theme is enjoyable for me.

Oceanos – This looks like one my kids and I could enjoy together. The theme and artwork look great. Plus, Bauza!

Vikings on Board – The components look awesome. The gameplay looks enjoyable. And this just seems like it will be fun to play.

Guilds of London – I’m hoping I can snag one of the 200 copies they’ll have at the convention. I’m dying to play this one.


Tides of Madness – This seems a little too similar to Tides of Time to make my “purchase list” but I enjoyed Tides of Time a lot so I’m placing this on the Honorable Mention list.

Scythe – This is only here because someone in our group backed it and received it already. If your group doesn’t own it, go buy it!

Merchants and Marauders: Broadsides – Merchants and Marauders is one of my favorite games in which to immerse myself. The theme is really thick and enjoyable. The components are fantastic. M&M is a truly enjoyable game. If Broadsides has a similar feel then this might be purchased despite the $45 price tag for a 2 player game.

New Bedford – This is on Honorable Mention because I backed it and have already received it. Go demo and buy this one. It’s a very fun game!

Ta-Da! – Frantic Dice Rolling? Wizards creating Spells? Stephen Avery? I’ll definitely check this one out.

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What games have piqued your interest? What are you looking forward to the most during Gen Con?


GenCon Preview 2013

Yes! GenCon is upon us!

I’m giddy. I’m like a kid in a candy store. Actually, I’m like an adult in a board game store. A really, really big board game store. And I have the freedom to purchase whatever I want. “Psyched” falls far short of how excited I am!

I was planning on writing a nice long article about all the awesome things I’m planning on doing, and all the awesome games I’m planning on playing, and all the awesome people I’m planning on meeting. But I’m so excited I just can’t focus enough to put all the words together.

So instead, here are links to the games I’m interested in checking out:

There are also a ton of unpublished games that I’m looking forward to playing. You can find a good list of unpubbed games that are available for demoing on Grant Rodiek’s Hyperbole Games GenCon 2013 Prototype Preview.

I would also like to mention all the awesome people I’m going to meet, but I know I’d leave some people off the list by mistake. There are a ton of you out there! I can’t wait to meet you in person!

Finally, if you want to demo Scoville feel free to tweet at me (@EdPMarriott) during the convention and we’ll figure something out. The after hours open gaming area is probably the best bet. On Friday and Saturday I’ll likely be wearing these shirts:

Scoville Shirts

Just follow the pepper for your chance to play Scoville!

SWAG! Want one???

SWAG! Want one???

And my GenCon contribution to society is that I will be giving away SWAG buttons to the people who want to demo Scoville! I am grateful to Ken Grazier (@demo_ken) of for making the buttons for me! I’m very much looking forward to handing them out!

So if you’re going to be at GenCon, let’s get together for some boards or barley! I’m looking forward to meeting so many awesome people and making so many awesome memories.


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