Brewery Spotlight: Karben4

Try the Silk Scorpion or the Undercover for some barley awesomeness!

Try the Silk Scorpion or the Undercover for some barley awesomeness!

If you live in the Madison, WI area and you like beer and food you should probably go check out the newest brewery in town: Karben4!

Located where the Ale Asylum used to be, on Kinsman Boulevard near the airport, they have six brews available to compliment their delicious menu items.

They don’t have a full website up yet, but you can visit the domain and learn the hours: Or you can learn a lot more on their Facebook page:  Or you can follow them on Twitter: @Karben4. And they’ve been in the local online news outfits as well. Here’s a sampling:

When I visited I tried the Undercover Session Ale and the Lady Luck Irish Red. I thought both were very enjoyable. But my favorite was the Nightcall, which is a smoked Porter. I had only previously had one smoked beer and that was a very smoky brew. The Nightcall, however, had a much more enjoyable level of smoke flavor, which was present but not overwhelming. So I sampled and enjoyed three of their six beers!

But perhaps the highlight of our evening at Karben4 was the summer sausage sandwich. I would try to explain the amount of awesomeness this sandwich brings to the table but I’ll share a picture from Karben4’s Facebook page instead. Don’t drool too much! (Disclaimer: I did not personally eat any of the sandwich, but I have a really good sense of smell and this smelled of awesomeness. My friends both thoroughly enjoyed it!)

Even if you don't like beer, you should visit for this sandwich!

Even if you don’t like beer, you should visit for this sandwich! (So says my level 1 friends)

So when you’re looking for something to do head over to Karben4, grab some grub and a brew, and have a great time! And don’t forget to take home a growler full of brewing delight!


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