Monday Brews 9-8-14

Welcome to September. Schools have begun. Temperatures are moderating. Seasonal board game groups (like mine) are getting back together. The hot summer months are in the rear view mirror and the best board gaming months of the year are in front of us!

But today is Monday, so it’s time to cover the Boards & Barley that I’ve enjoyed lately (last two weeks)…

The Barley:

BARLEY SPOTLIGHT: Southern Tier Pumking

Whoa… the pumpkin is strong with this one. It’s almost like you are drinking pure pumpkin. Okay, it’s not THAT strong. But this is an Imperial Pumpkin Ale. If you are desiring a brew with a lot of spice that instantly makes you feel like it’s Autumn, then don’t hesitate to try Southern Tier’s Pumking.

The Boards:


I can’t wait to play this again. I played twice and I am in awe of the replayability. This game is very enjoyable. The decisions are awesome, yet limiting. Other player moves mess with your strategy. The artwork of the Djinns is awesome. The components are fantastic. I simply can’t wait to play this again.

Designer’s Corner:

Due to my play of Coutier I am happy to report that another game design, Conclave, is now completely dead. I no longer have any need or desire to continue working on that design. Courtier isn’t exactly what I had in mind with Conclave, but it’s close enough that the games are too similar for me to bother with that design anymore.

I now have a new goal. Since I’ll be attending Protospiel-Madison (October 24th-26th) I decided that it’s time to get after my designs and really start putting them together. So my goal is to have three games ready for testing. The two you have heard me speak of are The Grand Illusion and Armada Galactica. One that I haven’t written about tentatively has the name Night at the Museum, which obviously will have to change. I’ve been making extensive notes about all three.

Currently The Grand Illusion is ready for prototyping. Armada Galactica is nearly ready for prototyping. Night at the Museum needs more work before I’ll mock it up. But all three should be ready in time for Protospiel-Madison.

I may also work on an expansion for something 🙂

Horizontal Rule

There you go! What Boards & Barley have you been enjoying? Anything new that was more awesome than expected?


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